The Foundation Provides Educational Material on
Amending the State’s Constitution

The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) is in full swing as they determine which proposed amendments will be added directly to the 2018 General Election ballot.  To assist and further educate Floridians on this important process, the Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida (FAIF) developed a plan in 2017 to closely monitor these proposals and provide Florida voters with the information needed to make the best possible decisions for our state’s constitution.  
The working group has just released a brief entitled “What Belongs in a State Constitution?” It serves to inform Florida voters on some issues that are being considered by the CRC, and provide guidance for evaluating the fitness of any issue for placement in the Florida Constitution as the CRC process moves forward. The document also gives examples of past amendments that were added to the constitution that in hindsight don’t belong.
FAIF recently worked with former Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Bell on a document that highlights important points for voters and members of the CRC to consider.   A Guide to Amending Florida’s Constitution reviews the purpose of Florida’s Constitution and the factors that should be carefully considered before amending such a significant document.
Stay connected to this site.  As we near the 2018 elections, we will continue to update the information and provide you with insights on issues that are important to all Floridians.
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