The Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida (FAIF) was formed in 2008 to address the education and development needs of Florida’s business community. FAIF is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charitable foundation to which tax-deductible contributions may be made, as provided by law. FAIF is governed by an independent board of directors. FAIF does not engage in any political activities.
FAIF’s Mission

Promoting and supporting any and all initiatives, projects, campaigns or other endeavors that will strengthen Florida’s business community and economy
Promoting and advancing principles of a free market enterprise system
Educating individual and corporate citizens about business principles that lead to continued and greater economic strength and prosperity

FAIF’s Program Concepts for Education, Workforce and Business Development, and Recognition

Recognize Florida’s top business leaders and public officials who advance the principles of the free market enterprise system throughout the state
Host leadership training institutes for Florida business leaders
Foster public-private partnerships to increase academic excellence and rigor
Create forums to identify effective schools and model programs
Create both public and private public policy research institutes through universities, colleges and individuals
Produce various research reports, which focus on facts and policy implications of issues facing the business community
Compile publications and programs to recognize the best business research being conducted at Florida colleges and universities
Develop school business curricula designed to promote entrepreneurial literacy and better understanding of the free market system
Once you have reviewed this information, we are confident you will want to be a part of these programs and opportunities. We welcome your participation and suggestions as we move forward. Your contributions to FAIF are tax deductible and can be made by visiting¬†the How to Support page or contacting our executive director, Stephen Trickey at or (850) 224-7173.